Introducing... our first farm creation!

A beautiful photography e-book of our beloved animals...

Windhaven Farm... Our Critter Friends

Our dream come true was to live on a little farm homestead with a few acres and venture into self sufficiency with raising our own food, animals and birds. This happened just two summers ago, when we were
able to buy Windhaven Farm.

Since then, we have raised sheep, bunnies, chickens, hogs, turkeys and a pony! This is the story told through beautiful professional photography of the critters we love. Stunning photographs of these beautiful animals will delight children and give you a little insight into going forward
with your own dreams of a self sustainable eco-friendly homestead
for you and your family!

All the funds generated by the sale of this special e-book will help to provide the final fencing needs and some special projects at the farm. It is the labor of mother and daughter, as I have written the context of the book and taken some of the pictures, and my daughter, Jessy,
has provided her professional touch to the beautiful photography
as a local animal photographer.
This is our first portfolio of our work together!

Windhaven began as just a simple five year goal
for a homesteading family.

Now, it is a reality and provides home, hearth and shelter
for over 150 critters!

The purchase of our lovely e-book will help
to support special projects here on the farm.

Over 100 pages, 250+ beautiful photographs and light tales and
information on our various animals here at our little homestead.

If you would like to download the book,
and help our project with a donation of $2,
you can click the link below and it will direct you
to our family's company shopping cart.

We do accept VISA and MasterCard as well as PayPal.
The e-book is available for immediate download,
an email will be sent to your computer for instructions.
E-books are simple and easy to download and
then view on your computer.

If you would like the e-book and would also like to add a
bit more of a donation to help with the fencing fund,
you can use the PayPal donation button to do
so with our very sincere thanks!

We love all our friends, family and loyal blog readers and are very grateful for your interest, good wishes and support.
We don't need to raise much, but we do need to finish
about 600 feet of fencing, posts and a couple gates
before winter to help create the perfect homestead.

Of course, if you'd rather not help, we totally understand and
appreciate your continued readership, and comments because
we really do enjoy that! We purposely do not take on advertising
or have done anything like this before, but we hope that
you will appreciate that many would like to enjoy the book,
as well as help a bit as they enjoy the blog and the effort that
goes into creating it.

I've helped out several families when they
had an event or struggle. If you're like me, when
you follow a great blog daily, you just feel good about helping out.
It is wonderful to see how so many people can come together
and help people they know only online... yet feel connected, too.
It's a great thing! But we also understand some people don't like that...
and we respect that too!


Thank you for visiting our e-book page!

Sherri, Jessy and Maggie

The Windhaven Girls...