We love our French Angora rabbits!

We think you will, too!

They are wonderful breed of fiber animals that can give you lovely wool as well as pet companionship if you think your local neighborhood just won't allow sheep in your back yard! You can get your fiber fix without hauling in bales of hay! Angora rabbits are slightly high maintenance in the rabbit world because of their gorgeous long hair!


You do need to keep up on their grooming with twice a week brushings and trims but the best part is that throughout the years, the Angora rabbits LOVE to be groomed. It's amazing, even the little babies seem to enjoy the time spent grooming. It would be a bad thing to have to struggle with a hairy animal that hated the procedure, now wouldn't it! All our rabbits love the time and if you train them with a little treat for their happy acceptance, they will look forward to the time eagerly!
Our rabbits are used for our fiber sales and will be included in our special Windhaven yarns. You can purchase your own raw Angora rabbit wool for spinning and other fiber crafts if you'd like, too! We have several beautiful natural colors available. We also do selected breedings through the year with our pedigreed French Angora stock, and you can see any bunnies we do have available here on this website page. If you'd like to be on our waiting list, please contact us and we'll let you know the next planned breeding.

We like to have bunnies in the spring and then again in the early fall. It's too hard on our does to keep babies warm in the cold winter and it can get too hot in the middle of summer to have to bother with a litter of crazy little hoppy bunnies driving the mommas nuts in the heat!

We'd be happy to reserve a sweet
Angora bunny or two for you!

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