We love chickens! Just never knew it,
but always suspected that we would, and yes, we absolutely love our chickens!
And truth be told, we have some wonderful birds, colorful, wonderful and easy going birds, hand raised and breed here at the farm for the most part. We do occasionally take in birds that need new homes, and have purchased some at auction or through local hatcheries when needed. However, it is our beautiful lines of French Copper Marans and our fun crossbred heritage birds that really make the Windhaven chickens stand out.

Our foundation sire is a beautiful and charismatic rooster named Bucka Roo. He is a stunning example of a beautiful blue French Copper Maran. Known for their beautiful dark brown eggs and wonderful temperaments, the French Copper Marans are just a perfect bird for the small homestead flock. From our breeding we have black, splash, wheaten and cuckoo Marans as well as a series of crossbred birds that just amaze with the beautiful colors of plumage and eggs. We are becoming known for our Marans and Amerucana crosses that we call Maranacunas. Just simply stunning birds, these sweet crossbreeds are quite popular with our chicken raising friends! We love the dark green and blue eggs that they lay for us!
We offer farm fresh eggs from our flock of over 100 birds, as well as occasional chicks, young pullets and of course, beautiful roosters. We love our roosters and at any given time you can find up to a dozen here at the farm. We have about 5 or 6 roosters all co-exisiting in peace in our free range flock as well as flock masters of our various coops. Because of their wonderful temperaments and that many were hand raised here at the farm, we do not have any aggressive or nasty roosters and no fighting allowed. Our saying around the farm is that "Mean Things Get Eaten..." And it's the truth. We don't tolerate mean roosters! To have a spot here at the Windhaven chicken heaven, all our birds must play by the rules and that means no nasty and mean birds! And thankfully, it's an easy rule to follow when you have beautiful Marans and hand raised heritage breeds!

So many of our birds are named and have distinct personalities! We love to watch "Chicken TV" around here, and it's just one of our favorite pastimes to it and watch the flocks as they hang out about the farm. Just as we often have sheep supervisors to our farm chores, we always have a gang of chickens following around. It's always fun to call them and have the whole free range flock come running!
They know that treats are in the offering!

If you're local and are interested in any of our chicken offerings, please give us an email or call and make an appointment to come out to the farm. We also bring eggs into Toledo, Ohio, usually once a week. Our eggs are $2.50 a dozen.

Call for free delivery in the Toledo Area
(419) 470-9027