Our Shetland Sheep...

Our sheep represent a lifetime interest of Sherri's to have a flock of sweet fiber animals who also do all our lawn trimming! They are excellent at both, providing us with delightfully fine fiber and also keeping the grass neat and trimmed. (And the bushes, trees and weedy patches!) Best of all, these are sweet natured pets who enjoy treat time, following us around the farm and a little ear rubbing and one on one time for sheep massage. They have wonderful personalities and of course, all are named and pets as well as walking wool factories! We hope to have our first crop of lambs this spring and may even have some babies available for sale! (That is if we don't keep them all!!! Shetland lambs are simply adorable!)


The Shetland sheep is a primitive breed originally from the Shetland Islands, way north of Scotland. These hardy little sheep are tough customers and can handle all kinds of imclement weather that makes most fancy domestic sheep head for the barn! It's not uncommon for us to see our flock out sitting in the middle of an ice storm, contentedly chewing their cud and acting like it was nothing.


Their smaller size makes them a perfect match for the small homesteader that just wants a starter flock of fiber animals. They say their meat is a tasty cut and the lambs are a nice size for the freezer, but we just could never consider that from our little pals! Shetlands are some of the most friendly and gentle of the sheep breeds and we adore their antics and how they come when they are called and love to follow us around the homestead in curiosity. Hand raised and bottle babies are just as friendly as you would ever want in a little farm animal!

The color range and patterns of Shetland sheep are so neat, from white to cream and then to dark rich brown and black, there are so many varieties and color combinations, you can have a beautiful flock of sheep at your own homestead! Imagine all the lovely wool you can spin from their rich offerings.

Shetland sheep are relatively new to the United States, so they are a unique addition to your homestead. We love the size, temperament and of course, the wonderful fiber. Shetland wool is considered one of the finest of the British Isle sheep. World famous sweaters are knit from this fantastic fiber.

Angora Goats

In addition to our Shetland flock, we have two sweet little Angora goats in our group! Rana and her brother Rafeeka are Angora goats that produce a lovely fiber called mohair. Their beautiful soft locks are used by spinners and fiber artists for yarns and needle felting as well as a wide range of crafts such as dolls and soft sculpture. Washed and dyed locks make beautiful realistic hair for any doll or other craft project. Our pair of goats are both white, so you can use them as natural locks to add to any fiber project or dye them any range of beautiful colors. Nice long locks, easily over 4 to 5 inches long upon shearing time. Angoras are usually sheared twice a year, in the spring and then again in early fall. With only two goats, our locks are limited in quantity, yet bountiful in quality!

Angora goats are slimmer then our Shetland sheep, but about the same height, roughly 24 inches at the shoulder. They are more fragile goat, originating in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. Unlike the Shetlands, when it's cold and rainy or snowy out, they prefer the comforts of our big barn and a nice pile of soft straw to lounge in. The male and female both have horns usually, and normally, they are not considered a dairy or milking breed. It's their lovely locks of soft mohair that make them a sweet addition to any fiber flock! We currently have no plans to breed Angoras, however, you just never know! Rafeeka is a fixed male goat, called a whether, so we don't expect any babies unless we arrange a date night for sweet little Rana. Our goaties where born in 2012 and are a wonderful addition to our fiber offerings.

The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.
- Stendhal