Bluegrass Music

If you are a frequent reader of our rural adventure blog, then you are sure to know that Sherri is involved in bluegrass music.

Some say, a little... ah... too involved!

That's okay, though, everyone needs a hobby! Sherri plays in a great regional band called Deepwater Bluegrass with a fine collection of awesome bluegrass musicians! And for five years she co-produced a music concert series in downtown Maumee, Ohio that showcased nearly 100 national and regional bands in over 45 concerts!

And she created and runs several national bluegrass websites! And co-created an educational product to teach music to musicians all over the world with the Hot Licks Music Learning System.

And she's well known for her beautiful bluegrass flyers, post cards, trading card, t-shirts and websites for bands and other venues of the music!

And did we mention, she's a songwriter with a partner and has written several wonderful compositions that are well known and loved in the area?

Yep. She's in over her head! Can you see that? And she's one super happy banjo pickin', farming, graphic arting gal!

You can purchase the Deepwater CD here... and visit all her other websites and adventures in the world of bluegrass below!

Deepwater Bluegrass is available for performances in and around the northwestern Ohio region.
Consider giving us a call to discuss your band needs! (419) 470-9027

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Midnight Storm

A lovely little homegrown offering with our unique bluegrass sound including a few original selections by the Toledo, Ohio Bluegrass Band, Deepwater. Produced in 2010.

Featuring the musical talents of:
Sherri Chekal
Jeff Birdwell
Wilson Birdwell
Tim Kilburn
Rob Lawson

$10 ....




The National Bluegrass Sites that We Run...



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