Feed Bag Tote Sacks

Around these parts, all our animal feeds come in these super sturdy tough-weave bags that just seemed like a waste to throw out! So Sherri started to make durable tote bags from the more colorful offerings and sharing them with friends and family here at the homestead.

Big and roomy, the large feedbag totes will hold a ton of groceries, or camping gear, pool towels and suits, well heck, just about anything you need to tote around! They are completely washable with a hose in the yard or through the washing machine if they get dirty or spilled on.

And we think the very best part is that a purchase of a Windhaven farm feed bag tote helps us to feed our ark full of wonderful critters!

We have two sizes of feedbag, the 50 pounders which will hold a huge amount of anything and the smaller 20-25 pound bags which are great for heavy groceries or to just throw in the car for any toting need. They are available in a wide variety of colorful and fun designs. You can specify a design or two and we'll be happy to find a bag to meet your needs.

We also offer the economical three pack that will give you a fun and colorful selection of bags for a great price. These are not super fancy stitching or anything, just super tough, strong and fun bags that will tote you up a great load wherever you need it!

Critter Feeds Available:

Chicken/Chick - Available Large Only
Pig and Hog Chow - Available Large Only
Rabbit - Available Large or Small
Dog - Available Large or Small
Cat - Available Small Only
Sweet Feed, Corn and Scratch - Available Large Only
Odd Ball Bags - Deer, Turkey - Available Large Only

14" by 18" approximately with a 2" to 3" wide gusset $5


16" by 22" approximately with a 3" to 4" wide gusset $8


3 pack assortment - 2 large and 1 small bag - $17





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