Homeschool Publications

We would be remiss to not mention the homeschool publications that helped to create the Chekal family online empire! Yes.. we are well known in the homeschool curriculum field for several of our beloved and helpful products. The Master Planner, History Scribe, Study Starters and our Rock and Mineral offerings have been around now for almost 10 years!

We have many of our homeschool publications are available online at the following curriculum dealer...
Our publishing company is called Westvon Publishing and you can see the wide variety of
history, science, and unit study products here at:



Our Homegrown Handcrafts

Wool and Fiber from our Flock

Wooden Handcrafts

Rag Rugs and Textile Crafts

Soaps and Washcloths

Feed Bag Tote Sacks

Rocks and Minerals

Vinyl Decals and Signage

Fine Photography

Custom Graphic Arts

Bluegrass Music

Homeschool Publications

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