Rocks and Minerals

It wouldn't be a complete website if we did not offer some of our best selling rock, mineral and fossil kits to you! It is the bread and butter of our homestead offerings, the company that started it all and purchased the farm homestead in the first part!

Jessy has been a rock hound kid since she was 12 years old and started her company, Dragon Mountain Treasures, way back when she was just a little kid! She wanted to get started in rock collecting, however, we were so disappointed in all the starter kits available for children. Just little nasty bits glued to cardboard or in little plastic boxes, never really nice specimens. So Dragon Mountain Treasures was born and now after 10 years, she has supplied rock and mineral kits to just about every country and across the United States to jump start many a young rockhound in the world of geology and mineralogy! Over the Christmas holiday season, she ships over 400 individual orders each year to kids all over!

You can visit her main website here,
or you can see a few of her most popular kit offerings here and order along with our Windhaven products!
Whatever works best for you and your rockhound kid!

Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kit

You can help your children with our Deluxe Mineral Kit

A nice mixture of both rocks and minerals, great to hold and examine. Each specimen is bagged and indentified so that you can learn the difference between slate and granite or garnets!

Each of our kits comes with a handy little guide book to get you started and a checklist of over 200 commonly available rocks and minerals.
Also, a little bag of mystery stones to work on and learn to indentify.

The Deluxe Kit includes a real geode to crack and open!
What a great introduction to the world of geology and rock collecting.

• Includes a FREE Geode to crack open!
• 25 individually bagged specimens
• Booklet and Checklist for collecting
• Makes a Great gift for that RockHound Kid in your life!


Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kit






The Little Kid Kit

15 palm sized specimens for the littlest rockhound in your family. Specimens are special picked for their size, making them safe addtions for your little rockhounds. Also included is a large velour bag for storing the kit along with plenty of space for other treasures their sure to find.

Specimens may vary, however, generally you will find amethyst, ice quartz, dalmation, yellow jasper, picture jasper, tiger eye, rose quartz, green adventurine, unakite, leopard skin, braciated jasper, turritella agate, sodalite, zebra marble, and pyrite.

Includes an ID sheet to help in the identification process, along with some basic information on each specimen.

• Perfect for your little rockhounds first collection!

Many of these specimens are easily $2-$3 each at any rock and mineral shop. We've searched to find great wholesale deals to bring you this great kit at a great price!

The Little Kid Kit




Fossil Kit

This kit represents 10 different fossils such as limestone fossils to turritella, petrified wood, shark teeth, as well as amber, sandstone and coal. These fossils are legally purchased from wholesale sources and do not include any specimens picked from National Parks or protected regions.

• 10 different collector's quality specimens

• Great full color booklet on fossils


Our Fossil Kit



Bag of Geodes

This is a whole bag of 10 geodes, great for a party, or for a bunch of rockhound kids! Easy to open, just put in an old sock and give them a gentle tap with a hammer. Nearly all are hollow with beautiful crystals within, often white, but occasionally colored. Each geode is about 1 1/2 inches across.

• Easy to open with a sock and a hammer!

• 10 Geodes are great for a party or
as a gift to a rockhound kid in your life!

Bag of 10 Geodes


Download Jessy's Free E-Book all about Rock and Mineral Birthday Parties!





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