Soaps and Washcloths

We make these delightful homemade soaps and hand crocheted wash cloths for our own use and has given them as gifts to friends and family as well as sell some to our local customers. And everyone agrees, they are great to use and enjoy! We've been encouraged to offer them to a wider variety of fans to enjoy, gift and use at their own family homes and farms. We hope to offer a larger selection of soaps in the future, including good old fashioned lye soap too! Currently we have three varieties that we make and offer in our molded goat's milk soap and five different lovely colors of our hand crocheted cotton washcloths.

They are available in five lovely colors: Sunflower Yellow, Cornflower Blue, Lilac Purple, Garden Green and our favorite, Chocolate and Vanilla Twist!


These sturdy handmade crocheted washcloths are so nice in the kitchen! They take a beating and keep on cleaning. Just pop in the hot washer and they come back ready for more work!

The open weaved surface is awesome for catching up counter crumbs and the nubby texture helps scrub up any spills or messes. Just rinse under hot water and wring dry and they are ready for their next task.

Each washcloth measures 8 inches square. $3





Combo Deal is two bars of soap, your choice and a washcloth of your favorite color $7



Our Goat Milk Soaps


Farmhouse Soap
This big, hardy bar is made of goat's milk soap and embedded with ground oatmeal to scrub any deep dirt from your hands and body with a gentle touch.

Scented with warm brown sugar and vanilla, this bar is also good with lather and is a wonderful moisturizing soap.

This bar is 3 1/4" by 2" and is 1 1/4" thick. $3





Three T Soap
This is a favorite soap around here, a goat's milk and green tea soap base, with tea tree oil extract for it's anti-bacterial action and a chai tea scent that is just wonderful. It's a highly moisturizing soap that we recommend for the face and body.

Tea Tree Oil is considered a great help with acne and other skin issues.

This bar measures 4" x 2" and is 1" thick. $3



Lavender Bud Soap
We love this deep floral scent of our lavender soap. Made with goat's milk soap, our favorite, it embedded with dried lavender buds from our own farm flowers and a rich lavender scent.

The little buds act as an exfoliant and it is a wonderful soap to use for nighttime hand and body washing as the lavender scent is said to relax and encourage sleepy thoughts. The soft purple and white swirls make this a very pretty bar of soap!

The bar is 3 1/4" by 2 1/4" and it is 1" thick. $3





Lavender Buds

We have a very limited amount of our homegrown lavender dried flower buds! Richly fragrant, ready for a sachet or a potpourri bowl by your bedside for sweet dreams!

One Cup of Lavender Buds in a Sachet Pouch



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