Wooden Handcrafts

With a scroll saw, and hand carving, Maggie is our master woodcrafter and her skills are growing each year with each new piece of equipment she acquires! She makes the most delightful wooden birds, pull toys and custom cut out wood shapes. She is also offering her newest creation, the Homestead Paddle! She has a lot more ideas that she is working on and developing and we'll be sure to bring them the website when she perfects the offering!

Bluebird.... ....Titmouse.... ....................................

............................Goldfinch.... .... Raven....

Wild Shelf Sitting Birds
These primitive little birds are two sided, colorful and like to perch on your shelf or any little edge and watch what you're doing! Cut and carved, they are painted in realistic colors and are very sweet!

Several species are currently available. Maggie's birds are 1/2 inch thick and range from 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide by 5 to 6 inches tall.


$10 each



Wooden Pull Toys

These delightful pull toys are all custom made and painted for your needs... they can be primitive realistic coloring, or a solid more modern painting. You can also purchase them plain, ready for your own painting style! A great fun craft for children and a wonderful gift for a new baby! You can order them to match a nursery color scheme or in the favorite colors of a child that will love these cute little toys. They are a nice addition to any primitive country collector as well, and will be a sweet addition to any collection. The pull toys are approximently 6" by 3 1/2 at the wheeled base and about 7 inches tall. The dragon and the dashund are about 12 inches long.


Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18


Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18

Painted $25

Unpainted $18


Large Wooden Cut Outs

If you're looking for a super unique way to show off your sign, how about a custom Maggie wood cutout! She makes each one on a 2 foot by 2 foot square area, generally. If you would rather, she can design in a 2 foot by 4 foot rectangular area as well.

Each is created on 1/4 inch thick solid quality plywood, cut out and sanded, painted both sides and spray coated with a protective clean arcylic coating to keep it safe for years to come.

Many people use them to dress up their own signs. They certainly draw attention to anything you're offering! And they make cute hangings in your barn or yard. She can design anything you want! Her specialities are animals and birds, but that doesn't mean she can't make you a great truck or sunburst!

Please list in the comment box the type and details of your cutout, or we will contact you for the custom details.



Homestead Paddle

Are you looking for a big stirring paddle for your homesteading projects like beer, wine, jellies, jams, cheese, syrup and big stock pots of goodies? How about a paddle to use for stirring your raw wool for cleaning, or fibers in a dye pot? Some have even suggested these good sturdy paddles might be used in child and farm critter discipline!

Now, we think they are best for cooking! Each one is hand carved and sanded out of lovely poplar wood, with a nice straight bottom and sides so they reach right down into a stock pot and won't miss a lick of goodness.

The larger paddle has three holes to make stirring easy and create a unique flow pattern in your recipe. The slimmer paddle is great for more delicate cooking like jams and jellies.

Protected with a food-safe oiled finish, these are some super useful tools! Nice and tall, nearly two feet in length, so they work well with even the largest stock pot! No more loosing your stirring spoon in a big pot of soup!


Red Oak Small Paddle
24" long by 1 1/2" wide paddle. The handle is 1/2" wide with rounded edges. This paddle is 1/4" thick.

Poplar Large Paddle
24" long by 2 1/2" wide paddle with three holes. The handle is 1" thick with rounded edges. The paddle is 1/4" thick.

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