Wool and Fiber from our Flock

Our wool offerings come from our beloved Shetland sheep and Angora rabbits and goats.
Our animals are all unique, named and offer a special touch to our wool and fiber offerings.

The Shetland is a type of British Isle sheep known for it's wonderful and fine wool, made famous in beautiful Shetland Isle sweaters. It is a natural blend of colors, that takes dying easily and often used in it's beautiful natural state.

Our Angora goats produce stunning long lengths of mohair locks that many people spin or use for crafts such as doll hair, and other fiber arts. Our sweet pair of Angora goats are both white so their locks can be dyed to any stunning color.

Our French Angora rabbits range from white, cream, brown and a lovely steel gray color. Their fiber is so fine and delicate that most people mix it with other wools such as sheep, goat or alpaca.

We offer raw, unwashed wool in several variations for your fiber needs and hope to offer more finished products such as roving, batting and yarns in our custom Windhaven farm blend.


8 ounces (1/2 pound)
of raw Shetland sheep wool $15

Dark brown - Available
Natural Cream - Available

Please note on the order form which color you would like, or a mix.


4 ounces of raw Mohair Goat Locks $15
White - Limited Quantity


2 ounces of raw Angora rabbit fiber $10
Steel Gray - Available
White - Available
Light Brown - Limited Quantity

Please note on the order form which color you would like, or a mix.


How to Wash Shetland Wool - Click for Complete Instructions


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Wool and Fiber from our Flock

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