Homesteading Workshops

Our little homestead means so much to us.

Self-sufficiency, homesteading and enjoyment on reviving forgotten arts and
skills of the past are important to us. We would like to share this learning, wisdom
and experience to more people in our community and surrounding areas.
We will be crafting to specific workshops to help others to learn about the fiber art world
and also chickens for your homestead! Join us for a day long workshop on these two different topics.
You'll come out to our homestead, ready to learn, ask questions and get some hands on time with
the various animals and skills. We'll share a bit of lunch and have some time to just talk and
discuss any questions you might have about the topics as well.

Tenative Workshops Available in Spring 2013

Crazy About Chickens!

Come and learn all about chickens! From hatching your own, or buying pullets and layers,
to building coops, wrangling roosters, feeding, doctoring, enjoying and more!
You'll learn about heritage chickens, meat chickens, breeding, and so much more.

A whole day with nothing but a hundred plus chickens and a group of people that are just crazy about Chickens!
You can learn all about these amazing farm critters that work great in urban settings as
well as your little homestead! If you'd like, you'll also be able to take home your own starter flock...
either fertilized hatching eggs, young chicks, started pullets or laying hens!


Fiber from Sheep to Yarn!

If you have considered having sheep, bunnies or goats for fiber pets in your own homestead,
come and spend a day learning about the different requirements of your own home flock!
We'll spend the morning learning about sheep, handling and working with a small flock.
We'll discuss feeding, care, housing and lambing!
Hopefully, we will have lambs available to handle, snuggle and enjoy!

After a brief lunch break, we'll head inside to learn all about wool processing, from handling raw wool,
washing and cleaning, dyes, picking, carding, spinning and more. We'll see some of the applications of fiber
and discuss all the aspects of fiber arts including spinning wheels, carders, tools and floor looms.
Everyone will take home their own drop spindle and a bit of raw wool and roving
to keep their newly honed skills sharp!

Each workshop will include hands on time with animals and birds, questions and answer time,
detailed instruction on care and needs as well as a take home packet of flyers, resources and information.

Each workshop comes with some take home goodies as well!
We do not have a commercial kitchen so we can not provide lunch, so bring a sack or box lunch
and we will provide drinks and light refreshments as we take a little break mid day to chat and answer any questions.

In the afternoon, we'll start back up for the second half of the workshop and
finish up before dinner time. Several instructors will be available and if need be,
we will work in smaller groups so that everyone gets plenty of hands-on time!
It's going to be a fun way to learn a lot from our own experiences as newbie farmers so that you can see
that you can do it, too!

If you'd like more information or would be interested in joining us for a workshop,
please drop me an email or call.
We will post more information as we firm up the dates and details!

Sherri (419) 470-9027 or

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